When I think about what role a Modern Conservative movement and government should play in achieving a prosperous and united future for Canada, I envision Canadian policy rooted in a better balance of fiscal common sense and social compassion.

Canadians expect us to stand with them in building a sustainable universal healthcare system, being proactive in combatting climate change, and caring about Canadians who are struggling to find a good job, families caring for aging loved ones, seniors who can’t afford the cost of living, veterans that are homeless, people who can’t afford their prescription medications, and people who cannot afford a good place to call home.

A Modern Conservative movement and government deliver this balance while also standing up for the rights and freedoms of every Canadian. Our tent can and must be bigger. We need to welcome and respect people from all backgrounds and protect their individual rights and freedoms.

A Modern Conservative movement and government need a leader who understands the real and everyday concerns of Canadians. With 32 years of global business experience and success in parliament, I have the skill and much-needed perspective to build and lead a Modern Conservative movement and government that stands with Canadians.

This document lays out my plan for a better future for our country. Together, we can build a successful Modern Conservative movement. Together, we can win the next election. Together, we can build a more prosperous Canada for everyone.

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Authorized by the offical agent for Marilyn Gladu