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Help me grow the Conservative movement and defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government.

Meet Marilyn Gladu

Marilyn Gladu is a professional engineer by trade, with 32 years of global business experience in oil, gas, and chemical engineering.

She has been a Member of Parliament since 2015 and has served as the Critic for Science, in addition to the Vice-Chair of the Aerospace Caucus. She was also the Shadow Minister of Health, and the Vice-Chair of the Standing Committee on Health. 

As a Conservative, Marilyn believes in fiscally responsible policies, respect for the rights of all Canadians and their beliefs, as well as the need for a compassionate society that actively cares for those who need and deserve our support.

Policies for a better country 

When I think about what role a Modern Conservative movement and government should play in achieving a prosperous and united future for Canada, I envision Canadian policy rooted in a better balance of fiscal common sense and social compassion.

Canadians expect us to stand with them in building a sustainable universal healthcare system, being proactive in combatting climate change, and caring about Canadians who are struggling to find a good job, families caring for ageing loved ones, seniors who can’t afford the cost of living, veterans that are homeless, people who can’t afford their prescription medications, and people who cannot afford a good place to call home.

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Thank you for interest in supporting Marilyn Gladu as the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

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